Kenneth Oppel
The Central Okanagan Teacher-Librarians’ Association (COTLA) is proud to be bringing award-winning author Kenneth Oppel to Kelowna for Education Week 2010 (March 1-5).  During the week more than 4400 students in School District 23 (elementary to senior secondary) will have an opportunity to see, hear and interact with Mr. Oppel.
Oppel has written more than two dozen books.  While some are for young readers, he’s best known for his fantasy writing for young adults—Silverwing, Sunwing, Firewing, Darkwing, Airborn, Skybreaker, Starclimber, etc.  He’s won dozens of literary awards, including:  the Governor General’s Award for Children’s Literature, Los Angeles Times Book Award, CLA (Canadian Library Association) Children’s Book Award, and the Mr. Christie’s Book Award.    
Most of Oppel’s presentations will take place at the Kelowna Community Theatre, with a special session also happening right in our own school gym on Thursday March 4th at 2:15.  Oppel’s presentations typically last an hour and are followed by questions, answers and autographing of books.  We have a limited number of AIRBORN books for sale at the school for $10 each. Interested students may purchase these in our library while supplies last.  For more information on Kenneth Oppel you can visit his website at:
The Central Okanagan Teacher-Librarians’ Association is also sponsoring a FREE evening presentation so that the Kelowna community at large can hear Mr. Oppel.  The evening session with will take place Thursday, March 4 at the Kelowna Community Theatre starting at 7:00 p.m.  There’s no need to sign up for this event, just come to the theatre.  Interested people are encouraged to bring family, friends and colleagues.  This special event is one of COTLA’s ways of highlighting the importance and interconnectedness of school lilbraries, teacher-librarians, reading and literacy.
Special thanks go out to the generous sponsors in our community who have helped to make this event possible:  Capri Insurance and Harmony Honda. For our school presentation we are also grateful for support from parents for our cultural event funding.

This message was forwarded from Mr. James Gillett for COTLA, with OKM details added by Ms. Susan Neilson. OKM students are welcome to add positive comments about your own experiences reading Mr. Oppel’s books. Maybe he will get a chance to read your feedback! 


13 responses to “MARCH 1 – 5, 2010, EDUCATION WEEK!

  1. Kenneth Oppell is pretty cool. He is a good writer

  2. Welcome! Hope you enjoy the time you are going to spend here!

  3. Welcome to OKM!We're big fans!Hope you enjoy your time here!:)

  4. Kenneth Oppel is a great writer. Welcome to OKM!

  5. Kenneth Oppel is a fabulous writer and I can't wait to see him in person.

  6. Welcome to OKM.I have read the Silver Wing Series and it was an interesting and fun read. I really liked it. I hope you enjoy your visit to OKM. -Sara

  7. I find Kenneth Oppels work turely inspiring. Airborn is a great book that I would tell anyone to read

  8. I think that Kenneth Oppel is a inspirational author and can't wait to see hiim at OKM

  9. Kenneth Oppell i wonderfull writer, i especially love the Airborn seriees! For awhile I wasn't very interested in reading but after reading Airborn I became interested again!

  10. Kenneth Oppell i wonderfull writer, i especially love the Airborn seriees! For awhile I wasn't very interested in reading but after reading Airborn I became interested again!

  11. Welcome to OKM Secondary School home of the Huskies. We have heard a lot about you and find you truly inspiring.

  12. Welcome to the home of the Huskies, Kenneth Oppel! Through the many books written, all are thrilling and interesting. I hope your experience in Kelowna is amazing. Have a great time at OKM!! 😀

  13. Welcome to OKM! We definatly are excited to see you! You are an amazing writer and truly inspiring! Hope you like Kelowna

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